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A New Era Of Performance

Smart Armor

Unique Rheon smart-material:
flexible yet hardens instantly on impact

Smart Armor front

Anatomic fit with tibial contouring

Smart Armor Left View

Tapered edges for increased comfort

Smart Armor Right View

Enhanced tibial impact protection

Smart Armor Top Down

Tibial groove helps placement and retention

Smart Armor Close Detail

AI-generated Voronoi packing of impact cells -
inspired by millions of years of evolution by nature

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Believing in Better

Smart Armor Co-founder, Bob, noticed players he looked after hated shin pads and often compromised on protection with completely inadequate solutions.

Working as a Football Doctor he realised the massive investment in research and engineering poured into boot technology every year was not matched by investment in protection for players. There had to be a better solution to provide players with comfortable shin pads yet superb protection. It is this pursuit that has driven us from our first day at Smart Armor - simply believing in better.

Believing In Better
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Rethinking possible

RHEON™️ was created by Dr Dan Plant a world-leading expert in advanced materials; born out of NASA and developed for over 15 years by a group of scientists and engineers at Imperial College, London. Rheon Labs have many accolades including being winners of a NFL Grant for Helmet Design.

RHEON™️ is an ultra-high energy absorbing material technology. It owes this to its unique reactive nature. It is soft and flexible in its natural state but absorbs energy by stiffening when subjected to force.

Learn more about RHEON™️ here